At Maritime Wealth Advisors, we take a comprehensive look at your current financial condition before developing your financial plan and investment strategy.  We evaluate your current assets, investment goals, financial needs, risk tolerance and time horizon.  This allows us to create a customized investment portfolio that coordinates with your financial plan.

Our approach means a high level of collaboration with you so that we understand your priorities and the intricate details of your financial goals and objectives.  To that end, you can also expect an investment approach that encompasses the following key components;

  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Manager Search and Selection
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Quarterly Investment and Manager Review
  • Annual Review of Your Financial Plan

We believe in a thoughtful, straightforward investment philosophy – long-term investing with an emphasis on quality and diversification.  We believe a long-term strategy is the best way to build and preserve your financial security.


“Far more money has been lost by investors preparing for corrections or trying to anticipate corrections than has been lost in the corrections themselves.”

Peter Lynch